Industrialists confront Hre city over high rates, CZI says municipality not providing essential services

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THE Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) has petitioned the Harare City Council over high rate charges most of which the local authority demands from businesses without providing the services.
CZI cited traffic congestion and the non-availability of land for industrial development as some of the problems faced by rate payers and businesses.
Rangarirai Dadirai, a senior CZI official, last week told a business community meeting hosted by the Harare City council that the local authority must revise interest rates charged on services not rendered.
“We have nine issues which we want the Harare City Council to address as a matter of urgency,” he said.
“We note that there are quite a number of arrears and the interests that are being charged on those arrears and we will articulate that and it is just a concern that if some of them can be scraped off. The state of the roads, also the issue of water cuts given that most of our companies in the industrial sites do not have boreholes and when there are water cuts you have to stop production and send people away and it then affects the whole cycle,” said Dadirai.
Harare City Council recently acquired a $144 million loan from China for the rehabilitation of its main water treatment plant.
According to the city fathers, work at the Morton Jeffry water works is now 91% complete.
But the CZI official also said they were worried by the conversion by Harare City Council of  industrial land into residential stands.
“Looking at long term we can foresee that there will be no stands available for industrial development in the long term as we are seeing some of this land being converted into residential stands and we would like to see such land being availed for industries as we will see more companies opening in the near future,” said Dadirai.
“The other thing to note is traffic congestion in the city centre, and if you have a meeting in town you have to carefully budget your time because of the congestion in the CBD, and I do not know what can be done, but it is something that needs to be looked into,” he said.Advertisement