Innscor records growth in manufacturing

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

INNSCOR Africa Limited has issued trading updates for the third quarter ending March 31 2022, showing pleasing volume growth across all manufacturing business units.

This is despite the fact that climate change has impacted the local agricultural season negatively.

In a statement dated April 25, Innscor Africa Limited said volumes within the bakeries, National foods, Colcom, Irvines, Associated Meat Packers, Natpak, Prodairy, Probottlers, Profeeds, and Probrands have recovered drastically during the nine-month cumulative period.

The company  secretary,  Andre Lorimer, said production facilities have recovered volumes.

“At National Foods, aggregate nine-month volume growth was 11% ahead of the comparative period,” said Lorimer.

“The Colcom division, comprising Triple C and Colcom Foods, continued to register very pleasing volume growth through the third quarter, and from a cumulative nine-month  perspective, volumes were 16% ahead of the comparative period. The processed pork category continues to deliver a strong performance,with  a nine-month volume growth of 25% over the comparative period being recorded, whilst improved market uptake in the pie category translated into a volume growth of 34% over the same period.

“At Irvine’s, cumulative nine-month volumes for the day-old chick and frozen poultry categories closed 38% and 30% respectively.

“At Probrands , despite aggregate volume growth being muted on a cumulative nine-month basis, encouraging growth was registered in the specialised product and condiment categories, closing 41% and 22% respectively ahead of the comparative nine-month period,” he added.

Other production facilities, such as the Associated Meat Packers, had a volume growth of 16%, NATPAK with 66%, Profeeds with 16% and Prodairy with 31% .Probottlers  had a volume growth of 27%.

Lorimer said despite the uncertain outlook and the increasingly complex trading environment, the group remains focused on driving volumes and  ensuring pricing remains competitive.