Interview: Jacob Moyana of ‘Munotidako’ I am helping the young to learn their language … Jacob Moyana

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HE has taken the music scene by storm with his controversially double-meaning Shona lyrics which are literally “correct” but which many feel have got vulgar connotations in reality. Jacob Moyana of the “Munotidako” fame recently met with Herald Entertainment Reporter Kumbirayi Shoniwa and discussed how he became such a controversial figure.
Kumbirayi Shoniwa (KS): Hallo mukoma Jacob how are you?
Jacob Moyana (JM): Hi Kumbi I’m fine thanks.
KS: Where were you born and how did you get into music?
JM: I was born in 1980 at Daisy Hill in Chipinge. Music has always been in my blood as my father and uncles were all musicians who played mbira, marimba and also guitars as I grew up. So I started being interested in music from a very young age.
KS: In 2002 you were in the band Tinashe Express which won the Chibuku Road to Fame competition. When did you decide to switch from the more traditional musical style to the current type of sungura which you sing now?
JM: I admit we were better at singing traditional music than we are in sungura. However, we recorded many songs which failed to please both fans and promoters so we changed style and that’s when Ghetto Express was born.
KS: When did you compose “Munotidako” and what inspired you to do so?
JM: I was in Beitbridge one day when I dreamt singing the chorus to the song and the trees and other plants in my dream would respond by jumping up and dancing along with me. The dream was very vivid so I woke up and immediately started practising the song with my band and we sang it that very night to the delight of the crowd at the show.