Introducing: Lifestyle vlogger and student doctor Nellah Grace

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*This article is taken from CelebMix
WITH a subscription count that has surged from a mere 600 to 5.5k within months, Petty Kunzwa – best known as Nellah Grace – has a channel that you’re sure to love.
It’s no surprise the up-and-coming YouTuber has seen success as she balances going to med school in a foreign country and covering fashion, fitness and faith online.
We got the chance to sit down with Petty to find out what motivated her to upload to the media sharing site.
The 22-year-old explained: “I am passionate about helping people to realise their self-worth – I wanted to inspire young women to be a better version of themselves.
“I’ve had viewers come up to me and say ‘Wow you really inspire me’ or ‘I was going to give up on this but you have helped me not to’ and to me that is huge.”
While Petty’s family is based in the UK where she went to high school, the Zimbabwe-born beaut is studying to become a doctor abroad in Kaunas, Lithuania.
It’s clear from her uploads that Petty’s vast experiences of culture and differing countries’ customs give way to her ability to offer the best tips and tricks when it comes to beauty, fashion and education.
Speaking about the reality of being a smaller YouTuber, Petty advised that it’s best that individuals don’t do it for fame and fortune.
“There’s times when I was really discouraged – especially when I started. Now when I check, I’m like ‘What? What’s happening?’
“It’s exciting and it’s just so amazing to finally see your hard work start to pay off.
“But to anyone thinking about it, I’d say do it for the right reasons, because you actually want to help, or you want to bring value to someone’s life.”
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