‘It’s insane how far people go in this platform’ — DJs Zinhle and Shimza weigh in on X ‘toxicity’

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It’s no secret that X, formerly known as Twitter, can be a little spicy and extra on the shade, however more celebs are speaking out against some users who have turned the platform into a “toxic” space.

DJ Shimza headed to his X timeline to paint a picture on the interactions he receives across social media platforms.

“Instagram — go for it, you can do it. Facebook — please ensure your comments are brief and spellings are correct so we from the comment readers association can read quickly and move to the next comment. Thank you, wetsa mas**a mfan, in my country we call you Shimzaromovich.  Twitter — Yo I hate this guy so much, he irritates me. I wish he could die, wenzani vele? Let’s be honest, he’s overrated. Entlek he must fall les dudla,” he wrote.

His mentions were filled with those who share the same sentiment.

“Twitter is full of people with serious personal issues and they lash them out to strangers they don’t even know on the TL,” commented one.

“Twitter is full of angry people,” wrote another.

One celeb who has been bearing the brunt of scrutiny on the X timeline is DJ Zinhle. Taking to her timeline, she said people had no insight into her life yet had loads to say.

“It’s insane how far people go in this platform without knowing the facts. Most of the things that bother people on this platform are not even true. But then everyone is so righteous out here, blindly so,” she wrote.

clip of DJ Zinhle and her daughter Kairo shared by a blogger was doing the rounds on X.

A Twitter user reacted to the post by having a go at the businesswoman for posting it.

“So, I’m just imagining this. The child started crying, tells mom she misses her dad, and mom quickly sets up a video or asks someone to take a video then started comforting her child. Hey akunzima,” reads the tweet which is now deleted.

Zinhle slammed the tweep, and explained the caption was misleading.

“My baby. The people who wrote this article used a random video I had posted. What I said and this video was never linked until this article. I wasn’t comforting Kairo in this video. We were playing around at Vida. Stop doing too much.”