Ivy Kombo trial postponed to Feb 19 after prosecution smuggled exhibit

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By Staff Reporter

Harare magistrate, Feresi Chakanyuka Wednesday postponed the trial in which gospel musician Ivy Kombo and her husband, Admire Kasi are accused of illegally acquiring certificates to practice law in Zimbabwe without writing conversion examinations.

The couple is jointly charged with Huggins Duri, Council for Legal Education (CLE) secretary Huggins Duri.

The trial was supposed to start on Wednesday and end on Thursday but the State represented by Anesu Chirenje brought in new evidence in the form of an email from Fidelity Printers yet they had not served the same to the defence.

The presiding magistrate, Feresi Chakanyuka however turned down the evidence concurring with the accused defence who protested against tendering of that exhibit.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Wednesday brought another witness Edith Mandiyanike from Fidelity Printers where the alleged certificates were printed.

Chirenje also said the email allegedly connected the allegations to one of the suspects.

Admire Rubaya, Everson Chatambudza and Oliver Marwa representing the three objected to the production of the email on the basis that “it was not served on them for the purposes of trial.”

Displeased with the court’s ruling, the State sought the postponement saying they needed time to go through the record of proceedings.

“We need time to explore our options,” said Chirenje.

Chirenje said as a result of the court’s decision, their case had “reached a defining moment” as such they needed a transcribed record for them to explore options.

Rubaya representing Kombo said, “The State is now developing jelly legs despite the zeal they had exhibited at the time the trial commenced last year.”

He also complained that his client flew from the United Kingdom only to attend the trial.

Chatambudza representing Kasi echoed the same sentiments describing the State’s application as “frivolous and vexatious” saying the State was now backtracking despite the push they had when the trial opened.

Marwa who is representing Duri said the State should stop believing that everything should go their way.