Jah Prayzah makes people dance

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WHEN you first take a look at Jah Prayzah, his tall physique would make you think he’s a full-time model, but the dreadlocked hunk chose music as his career of choice.

The Zimbabwean-born star has won several awards from the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) and Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA).

Born Mukudzeyi Mukombe, he started singing in church and honed his skill playing the mbira with his schoolteacher.

Jah Prayzah started composing music in high school. He was also one of the artists who collaborated with Akon on The Song For Africa.

He is also the first official ambassador for the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

The Star asked him some questions about his new single Angel Lo, featuring Jamaican artist Jah Cure, and where he sees African music going.

Who is Jah Prayzah?
“Jah Prayzah is just a boy next door, who enjoys singing. I am just like everyone else, the difference is I have a voice that tends to make people dance.”

What do you want the South African audience to know about you?
“I love South Africa. I want people here to know more of my music, that I have many more hits besides Mdhara Vachauya.”

What is the new single all about?
“The new single is called Angel Lo, featuring Jah Cure; it’s about a man falling deeply in love with his lady.”

Why did you choose to shoot it in Barcelona, Spain?
“Jah Cure was in Barcelona and invited me over there to record the single. We then decided to shoot the video there.”

You featured a Jamaican artist, Jah Cure. Was it your plan to make it a worldwide song?
“Yes, music brings people together. My aim is to take my music to the world.”

Where are you based?
“I am based mainly in Zimbabwe and South Africa.”

Have you done any work with South African artists?
“Yes, I have a hit single with Mafikizolo called Sendekera.

What do you think of the state of the music industry in Africa?
“The music in Africa is growing, which is very exciting. We are starting to work with artists from all over, more than it used to be. We are starting to tour not just locally, but overseas as well. It excites me, because people around the world are now ready for Africa and its sound.”

What do you want people to take away from your music?
“That it has always been about and will always be about love. That’s what makes the world go round.”

How would you describe Jah Prayzah in five words?
“I am cultural, innovative, God-fearing and most importantly, I am a father.”