Jilted Lover Kills Rival Suitor, Jailed 12 Years

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By Mandipa Masenyama

HIGH Court judge Justice Pricilla Munangati-Manongwa has jailed 24-year-old Costa Masokwa of Mt Darwin 12 years for killing a man he accused of snatching his girlfriend.

Masokwa was denying charges he murdered Jabulani Mwanjira but was convicted on account of overwhelming evidence.

Prosecutors proved that Masokwa attacked Mwanjira on July 31, 2020 with an empty bottle, causing fatal injuries.

Mwanjira died three weeks later in a Zambian hospital.

According to the State, Mwanjira was in the company of a friend at Mbungo Mine shacks in Dotito on the fateful day.

Masokwa was already at the place drinking beer with a friend.

Court heard that upon seeing Mwanjira, he indicated that his enemy had just entered the vicinity.

Masokwa then confronted the now-deceased and started to assault him with open fists on the chest.

The court further heard he alleged that Mwanjira had snatched his girlfriend.

In his defence, Masokwa argued that it was Mwanjira who attacked him with a bottle.

His defence however, fell apart after his friend gave evidence to the contrary.

“The accused’s evidence was not coherent and there were many inconsistencies,” said the judge.

“The accused particularly stated that when he was hit with a bottle by the deceased, he lost consciousness. In the same breath the accused contradicted himself when he stated that as he was walking to one Israel Buruka, someone snatched the bottle from him behind.”

She said if he had lost consciousness, he would not be aware of what happened.

“Accordingly, the accused is found guilty of murder the accused is convicted of a serious offence for which a life sentence can be imposed.

“This court considers the fact that the accused is 24 years old and the other mitigating circumstances. However, it is aggravating that the accused was the aggressive one from the time that the deceased arrived at Mbungu shacks,” read the judgement.