Jilted man who killed his wife sentenced to 30 years imprisonment

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By Staff Reporter

Masvingo: A jilted Ngundu security guard who stole a company pistol and used it to kill his wife in cold blood while at her parents’ house, has been sentenced to 30 years in jail.

James Ngorima (29) from Ngundu Growth Point, was found guilty of murdering his wife Lucia Sumaili (28) with actual intent by Masvingo High Court Judge Mawadze.

Throughout his trial, Ngorima had denied the charge arguing that his wife had instead used the gun on her own herself after the two had a misunderstanding over infidelity issues.

However, prosecutors proved beyond reasonable doubt that Ngorima shot his wife with actual intent.

Court heard that on 31 March this year and at the couple’s home in Ngundu, the two had a misunderstanding, with the now deceased accusing her husband of having an extra marital affair.

Court was further told that the two engaged in a fist fight resulting in Sumaili sustaining an injury on her left eye and in retaliation, she smashed windows of the couple’s car and escaped to her parent’s place which was a few kilometers from their home.

The following morning, Ngorima followed his wife to her parent’s house and was told she was not there.

An infiltrated, Ngorima then drove to his workplace at the Zimbabwe Almagamated Housing Association’s offices in Chiredzi where he broke into his manager’s office to steal a pistol belonging to Spun Gold Security company which was kept in the manager’s office.

After getting access to the gun, he went back to his in-laws’ house and told the inlaws that he wanted to discuss his pending divorce with his wife.

Ngorima was said to have found his wife watching television in her parents’ lounge, a point when he drew the gun and shot her once in the head and she died on the spot.

After committing the murder, Ngorima fled the homestead and was arrested while hiding at a workmate’s house.