Jilted Wife Teams Up With Sister-In-Law To Kill Hubby

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

POLICE have arrested a vengeful Zvimba woman and her sister-in-law who teamed up to assault her husband at the height of a domestic dispute.

The pair of Rona Zvimba (31) and Angeline Chinyere (35), of Gweshe village, are respective wife and biological sister to the now deceased Douglas Makoni (54), respectively.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson, Inspector Margaret Chitove confirmed the recent incident Friday saying: “Police can confirm that on March 10, at around 12pm, the now deceased indicated he wanted to divorce his wife and ordered her to pack her belongings and go to her parent’s home. The wife then teamed up with her sister-in-law and confronted Makoni.”

“During the heated exchange, a fist fight ensued and Makoni throttled his wife by the neck. Sensing danger, Chinyere intervened and struck Makoni on both hands with a wooden stick. Both accused persons then started attacking Makoni using wooden sticks all over his body,” inspector Chitove said.

The now deceased reportedly sought refuge under the bed when it became apparent the two women were unrelenting in their attack.

Relatives were then called in to mediate.

After smoking the peace-pipe, the wife and husband retired to bed.

However, in the early morning hours of the following day, Zvimba tried to wake up her husband but was shocked to realise that he had died in his sleep, presumably due to the injuries sustained in the earlier beating.

She informed her husband’s relatives, who reported the matter to ZRP Kutama, leading to the pair’s arrest.

His hands were bruised and swollen.

Police urged members of the public to solve disputes amicably and to value the sanctity of life.