Journalist Chin’ono Pens Another Song

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By Mary Taruvinga

DEFIANT freelance journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has penned another denouncing the country’s political elite of massive corruption.

This comes some three months after he released the song, “Dem Loot” which went viral through social media.

The journalist who has been in and out of courts over his social media campaigns against top level corruption, turned into music as a way of reminding Zimbabwean youths about the cause of their suffering.

In a one minute and 42 seconds long song, Chin’ono sings about the looting, nepotism, incompetence, lack of shame by senior government officials.

He says the story from Zimbabwe is about lack of employment, medication and suffering of the general populace.

In his self-recorded video, he sings, “Ting A linga ling, Vanoba, ting A linga ling havagute, ting a linga ling havagone basa, tinga linga ling incompetence” meaning they steal, their love for dirty wealth is insatiable, they are incompetent.

Chin’ono believes the country’s economic and humanitarian crisis is as a result of the looting of national resources.

After the release of his first song which made waves on the internet, Chin’ono appealed to producers to help him “sing looters out of town”.

The scribe has three pending criminal cases in which the state accuses him of using his social media platforms to commit offences.

Last year, he was arrested for inciting anti-government protests and is yet to stand trial.

He was also arrested for allegedly undermining the course of justice after he posted that politically connected Zimbabwe Miners Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya was going to be granted bail in a matter in which she was accused of attempts to smuggle over 6kgs of gold.

Chin’ono also got into trouble for sharing a video in which a local woman had a confrontation with a police officer for allegedly killing her baby although it later turned out the baby was unharmed.

All the matters are still to be heard.