Journalist to sue government and minister Mukupe over stolen phone

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JOURNALIST Blessed Mhlanga who claims to have lost an ‘expensive’ phone during an attack by deputy finance minister Terence Mukupe last Thursday during a radio programme has threatened to sue the government and minister over the loss of an S7 Edge and humiliation he and his wife Florence suffered.

Mhlanga has since dismissed Mukupe’s apology released Saturday calling it an attempt by Mukupe as “… far from being an apology.”

He ridiculed Mukupe’s apology which he said was an insult to him, his wife, family and the people of Zimbabwe.

Minister Mukupe has faced a backlash from Zimbabweans after he also told a live radio show that former finance minister Tendai Biti was taking anti-retroviral drugs.

Mhlanga vowed: “I will not rest until justice is delivered, the phone returned. My family will be instructing lawyers to sue government, the minister for this loss and humiliation.

“The minister’s statement attempts to justify his theft of my wife’s phone and assault as merely walking out of the interview. He takes no responsibility whatsoever for his actions.”

Mhlanga accuses Mukupe of being a liar and a thief who has stolen from Zimbabweans too.

“I am shocked that a whole minister can lie with impunity over things that happened live on radio and broadcast to the whole country. I respected the minister during the interview and never insulted nor disrespected him.

“He talks of passion of representing the people of Zimbabwe when all he has done is to steal from the hardworking people of this country by his dishonest and distasteful behaviour,” he added.

Zimbabweans have urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to relieve Mukupe of his duties as minister due to his utterances as well as the attack on Mhlanga and his wife.

The President’s Office last week also issued a statement cautioning Mukupe over his comments that the army would not allow MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to go to State House if he wins the upcoming general election.