JSC Honours Female Staff

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

THE Judicial Services Commission (JSC) female employees on Friday had free health checks including breast, cervical cancer screening, BP and diabetes examinations among other things courtesy of their employer.

This was done in commemoration of the women’s month.

JSC head of corporate services Constance Todhlana Makoni told that this was also a way of showing appreciation to their female employees who barely get time to these health checks due to pressing demands in the office.

“So basically, what we are doing is an exercise that’s happening in commemoration of the women’s month,” she said.

“As the JSC we are commemorating women’s month through a wellness programme where we have partnered with local medical aid service providers who are providing services such as cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, diabetes testing and they are also checking the weight and giving nutritional advice as well as advice on chronic illnesses.

“So the inspiration behind this exercise is that we want to encourage a health work force, to encourage wellness, health and wellness in the day today life of JSC women,” she said.

She added, “Women who are in JSC, because of the nature of their jobs, because of the hectic schedules that they have, sometimes find it difficult not to fit in screening programmes into their busy schedules, so we have brought the programme to their doorstep so that they can get screened.”

Makoni said it is saddening to note that some women will only seek medical attention when it is too late.

“What we want is a situation where women within JSC know their position with regards to their health and then they take the necessary steps that are needed after knowing their medical conditions so we are happy that JSC women are accessing this service and most of them are actually celebrating that the services we brought to their doorstep so this is also motivational for JSC staff.”

The health check was open to all female staff, from the lowest rank to the judges of the High Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.

The program was carried out at High Court in Harare, at Rotten Row and in Bulawayo.

Makoni said and the programme will be rolled out to other parts of the country in commemoration of women this month.