July Moyo, Owen Ncube Plot To Destroy Mnangagwa – Mliswa

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By Anna Chibamu

DETAINED Norton Independent MP Temba Mliswa has State Security Minister Owen ‘Mudha’ and his Local Government colleague July Moyo in an alleged plot to destroy President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s political life.

Mliswa made the sensational allegations at a press briefing at his upmarket Borrowdale home in Harare Thursday.

However, he was soon whisked away by senior police officers, in full view of invited journalists, with the law enforcement agencies accusing him of violating Covid-19 restrictions by holding a press conference. He is expected to appear in court Friday.

The Thursday media brief was in response to a number of accusations brought against Mliswa by his former girlfriend, Susan Mutami.

She has made a lot of allegations against the controversial politician including that Mliswa was plotting to assassinate Mnangagwa’s son, Emmerson Junior; was engaged in corrupt activities; used black magic; he wanted to become Zimbabwe’s president and was gay.

However, Mliswa said the allegations against him were a wider plot created by the feared Central Intelligence Organisation CIO) to discredit him. The spy agency falls under Ncube’s ministry.

But Mliswa wondered why Moyo and Ncube were involving him in Zanu PF’s Midlands province factional fights when he was no longer a member of the ruling party.

A former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson, Mliswa hails from Shurugwi district, which is in Midlands.

However, he said he was being used as a scapegoat by Ncube and Moyo who were behind a bigger plot to destroy Mnangagwa politically. Mliswa also claimed he was being attacked for supporting the presidency of Mnangagwa, who also hails from Shurugwi.

“He (Moyo) loses a parliamentary election and is on the job at the mercy of the President. Why would you even think that I would even want to talk about July Moyo when I win elections, where I beat his party and he fails to win elections?” said Mliswa.

Moyo lost the 2018 Redcliff parliamentary election to an MDC Alliance candidate.

He also accused Moyo of holding a meeting with traditional chiefs from Midlands to plot his ambitions to be Zimbabwe’s next president.

“July Moyo is well-known for being ambitious. The president knows he convened a meeting with Varozvi (traditional) chiefs so that he could be in power. It is well-known that July Moyo has failed dismally to run the Local Government ministry to the point that people regret where (Ignatius) Chombo went. July Moyo who we all know acts like a de-facto Prime Minister.”

Mliswa further accused Moyo of failing to stand with Mnangagwa when the latter was still the vice president under the now late President Robert Mugabe.

“They could not stand with the president when Mugabe was in power. Mark my words. As someone who is openly and actively supportive of his Excellency, President E.D Mnangagwa, Mudha and Moyo believed they could come together to turn the Presidium against me through their CIO operative (Mutami).

“July Moyo has failed dismally. He does not have capital power to support the President. Mudha is just a gossip. July Moyo is the Chombo of Mugabe. Mugabe was destroyed by Chombo. Mark my words. Mnangagwa will be destroyed by Moyo and Mudha.”

Chombo was viewed as one of Mugabe’s blue-eyed boys before Mugabe was ousted in a military-assisted coup in November 2017. After the coup, Chombo was arrested on corruption charges and the matter remains before the court.

“This was the information that was used against me and crafted in a manner to discredit me in a deliberate and targeted smear campaign. Unfortunately, for them, the serial name dropping has worked both for and against my detractors and I will have my day in court,” said Mliswa.

Mliswa said he was “flabbergasted” Moyo and Ncube were involving him in Zanu PF Midlands factional fights.

“This plot is a serious factional fight in Midlands. I am flabbergasted with how this has been misconstrued.”

Efforts by to get comments from both Moyo and Ncube were unsuccessful.

At first, Ncube’s mobile phone was answered by his driver.

“Ndiani? (Who is this?) I am the driver to the minister. He is in a meeting and can you call in 30 minutes?”

However, 30 minutes later, Ncube’s mobile phone went unanswered.