JUST IN: Zanu PF Elections Director Bars Intelligence Officers From Vote Counting Venue Amid Rigging Storm

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By Staff Reporter

INTELLIGENCE chiefs have reported a massive rigging plot in the party’s Mashonaland Central provincial chairmanship election involving a senior staffer, Collen Mharadzano, to President Emmerson Mnangagwa after he had dropped the ruling party’s First Secretary’s name in the alleged shenanigans, it has emerged.

This came after Mharadzano had denied them entry into the ICT room where results collation was being done.

Mharadzano, according to party and security sources, received US$25 000 from Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe to turn figures for him after his rival Tafadzwa Musarara raced ahead of him.

This resulted in a scuffle as the security agents, comprising of members of the Central Intelligence Organisation and the Zimbabwe Military Intelligence confronted him over the decision.

That is when he claimed he had been instructed to do so by Mnangagwa.

“Mharadzano tried to denied national security officers from entering the ICT room where results are being collated. The room is based at the Zanu PF provincial headquarters in Bindura,” a source said.

“Upon being quizzed on why he has doing that, Mharadzano claimed he had been personally instructed by President Mnangagwa. However upon investigations, and checks with their bosses, it was discovered that this was a lie and President Mnangagwa has been briefed about it. He received US$25 000 from Kazembe to turn results for him,” the source said.