Justin Bieber has absolutely no regrets but he would change something about his marriage!

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Justin Bieber entertained fans recently by answering any and every questions about his marriage life. For some weeks now, the Biebers have been entertaining fans through their Facebook Watch series, which is titled “The Biebers on Watch.”

The Biebers may not be all that they want to be now, but through love and patience, they are getting better everyday and having the best time of their lives. This is what makes them so adorable to fans all over the world. Talk about one of the cutest ‘it’ couples in the industry.

On the recent episode of the Facebook Watch series, Bieber talked about his relationship with Hailey Baldwin. Talking about something personal as this may not have been easy, but Bieber was happy to share the details of his life with his fans.

He said that he has never regretted anything they did as a couple, but if there is one thing he could change, it would be premarital sex.

“There are probably a lot of things I would change. I don’t regret anything because I think it makes you who you are and you learn from things.” Bieber said.

Bieber has always been loved and criticized for his relationship in the past. Many saw him as unstable and unwilling to take responsibilities. However, what they did not know at that time, was that Bieber was going through a difficult time. Being a celebrity means you have to be able to cope with the spotlight that pries into your entire life.

For Bieber, the spotlight came very early and he did not have the time to plan for it, which put him in a difficult place most times.

Watching Bieber grow over the years into a respectable and loving star and husband is the pride of every fan in the world. He may have gone off the tracks for a while, but he found his way back and this time, with the woman of his dreams.

Bieber and Baldwin started their love story in 2015 and like most couples, they met with difficult times, Between this year and the next, they had broken up and made up many times than fans could count.