Kariba MDC Alliance youth activist arrested over anti-Mnangagwa rant

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly member, Rujeko Heather Mupambwa, was arrested in Kariba Wednesday and spent the night in police custody for allegedly undermining the authority or office of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He is expected to be arraigned before the Kariba Magistrate’s Courts this Thursday.

MDC Alliance Mashonaland West province spokesperson, Blessing Mandava told that the youthful activist was awaiting her court appearance following her arrest.

Said Mandava, “Rujeko Mupambwa, an MDC Alliance National Youth Assembly member has been arrested by Kariba police intelligence officers for allegedly undermining the office of the President.”

Mupambwa, is a National University of Science and Technology (NUST) student currently on industrial attachment in Kariba.

She apparently made the disparaging remarks against Mnangagwa on a Kariba WhatsApp group called ‘Hard Talk’, which comprises activists from different political formations in the resort town.

Mandava described her arrest as an affront to constitutionalism.

“This is a clear infringement of our member’s freedoms and liberties. She did not act illegally but expressed herself in accordance with the statutes and principles of the land as enshrined in the national constitution.”

The MDC Alliance provincial spokesperson said Mnangagwa’s regime was “running around like headless chickens” and randomly arresting “everyone and anybody raising a finger to signal his dismal failure to steer the country out of its years of socio-economic and political crises.”

Further said Mandava, “They can arrest us but they can never silence the voice of reason. They better create more room for us for we are now prepared to throng their cells enmass.

“May I remind that even Ian Smith resorted to jail all the discerning voices but that did not kill the revolutionary spirit, in fact it inflamed it. Is this history repeating itself?”

Mupambwa becomes the latest casualty of Mnangagwa’s government’s crackdown on dissent following last week’s arrests of pro-democracy political activists, ordinary citizens and a journalist for allegedly inciting a revolt against Mnangagwa’s bad governance, among other problems.