Kasukuwere divides Mzembi’s party

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

EX-MINISTER Walter Mzembi’s party has been rocked by further turmoil amid reports the new custodians of the fledgling opposition were at odds over a possible merger with Saviour Kasukuwere.

The People’s Party, as it is known, was recently dumped by the exiled former tourism minister and deputy president Godfrey Gandawa amid differences on what path the party could take.

Gandawa is also former Higher and Tertiary Education minister who served in the now defunct Robert Mugabe government.

But soon after it was ditched by the two ex-Zanu PF politicians, fresh problems have rocked the party with a power wrangle emerging between secretary general Lloyd Msipa and treasurer general Agrippa Masiyakurima.

The two are squabbling over possible merger with Kasukuwere, another former cabinet minister and ex-Zanu PF official who has formed his own political outfit.

Masiyakurima claims he has assumed control of the party.

“It was business as usual, when I started getting calls from different people asking me what would be the problem if Saviour Kasukuwere would join us.

“I made it clear to them it was a non-starter because he had betrayed us, and he wanted to go back to Zanu PF and he is toxic and divisive,” Masiyakurima said in a statement.

“We later connected dots and realised there was a Grand Scheme being led by Lloyd and Saviour, they wanted to take power from president Mzembi and deputy pres Gandawa at the conference.

“We unearthed the other schemes of joining other groups forming a National Transitional Authority with Ibbo Mandaza, and Zanu Pf; or joining Terrorists in Mozambique to invade Zimbabwe.

“He Msipa illegally wrote me a Suspension letter at 2am, and the President decided to make the record straight the following day by giving him a letter they had counter signed with Deputy President, which was addressing several issues, including mine.

“I decided to fight for our party, since we already lost a lot of money funding it for the party to be where it is today.

“I am now The Captain of the Ship, will make executive decisions for the best interests of the Party for now and I will appoint an Interim Leadership Structure soon.”