Kasukuwere remembers Mugabe, taunts ED ‘real criminals’

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

FORMER cabinet minister and G40 kingpin Saviour Kasukuwere has showered glowing praises on late former state leader Robert Mugabe while reserving snide comments for his successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa he accuses of protecting the country’s most brazen criminal cartels.

In a statement released through his #tysonwabantu movement on the commemoration of Robert Gabriel Mugabe day on Friday, the exiled former legislator said Mugabe’s removal from power on the ostensible attempt to “target criminals around the President” 2017 was a con as the Zimbabwe incumbent has been shown to be protecting notorious criminal cartels.

“You (Mugabe) may have left us, but your vision becomes more glaring now.

“May your departed spirit give us a sign, how best our worsened state might reclaim the stolen MOVEMENT toward your vision for our “Ziiimbabwe”, as you called out to it? Dearly departed President, your vision is alive now more than ever within our disillusioned souls.”

When the military put Mugabe under siege on the night of 14 November 2017, it made a televised statement Mugabe was “safe”, adding the operation was only aimed at flushing out “criminals” who were taking advantage of their closeness to the once feared leader to seek cover for their illegal acts.

The military, then led by the now Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, also accused Mugabe of failing to manage the national economy, a situation that placed the country on a constant danger of exploding into civil unrest.

The situation is now worse under Mnangagwa, who has also come under fire for allegedly protecting criminal syndicates that have bled the country of billions of dollars through illicit trade in fuel and foreign currency.

Said Kasukuwere, through his movement, “The real criminals have turned your (Mugabe) vision into a horror of an impoverished nation at the mercy of cartels that have corrupted the centre and kill off our hopes.

“There were never any ‘criminals around your Presidency’, were they? We realise now that they removed you because you kept their baser appetites at bay.

“You were the incorruptible barrier against the real narcissistic criminals and their cartels that have now captured Zimbabwe.

“It dawns upon us now that they removed you only so that their hardened criminal handlers could come close enough to capture the entire State’s value chain, from the ruling Party and its Politburo into government, cabinet, state institutions and agents paid off with cars and privatised salaries to allow and be complicit in the rape of our nation.”

#Tysonwabantu movement went on to say that in the name of “Open for Business” and a “New Dispensation” they have reversed the gains of a “vision’s pursuit for the indigenisation of our country’s wealth and the economic empowerment of our majority”.

“While their so-called New Dispensation has now done away with that empowering vision, their alternative preferring foreign economic interests is proving a disaster.

“It is reported that foreign direct investment has reduced by more than 60%.

“The economy goes deeper into recession despite preferred and prioritised Indian, white and foreign economic interests, to the exclusion of our black majority aspirations being condemned to being the ‘hewers of wood’ Robert Mugabe implored us to shun.

“Robert Mugabe had seen through their treacherous criminal intent on the eve of their betrayal, knew he sat at the table with those who would betray him and his vision for Zimbabwe, “Wandinodya nawo ndowachazondichera. Wana Judas Iscariot.” The 21st February Movement remembers.”