Kasukuwere returning to Zim soon to launch presidential campaign- says spokesperson; scoffs at Zanu PF court challenge

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By Anna Chibamu

DESPITE another court challenge filed to bar independent presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere from contesting in the August plebiscite, his spokesperson Jacqueline Sande says he is expected to arrive in Zimbabwe soon to kick start his campaign.

In an interview with on Friday, Sande scoffed at efforts by Zanu PF to block Kasukuwere’s candidature which she said do not hold any substance as the former cabinet minister is geared up for the race.

‘’We are anticipating the president will arrive anytime soon to kickstart his presidential campaign,” Sande said.

The spokesperson added that Kasukuwere’s team had received yet another court challenge from one George Master seeking to bar Kasukuwere from contesting in the elections.

“We have witnessed a barrage of court cases and we have received another court application from one George Masters also seeking to remove president Kasukuwere as a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections.

“All these court cases are meant to deter us but will not affect our candidature in any way. They are an intimidation tactic meant to try and cower president Saviour Kasukuwere’s and deter him from participating in the elections and also stop him from campaigning,” Sande said, adding that “we will look beyond this folly and gear ahead with our campaign.’’

Recently, after successfully filing his Nomination Court papers at the High Court, Kasukuwere was immediately hit with a court challenge by Lovedale Mangwana, a Zanu PF youth.

Mangwana claimed Kasukuwere ceased to be a registered voter as he had been absent from his constituency for 18 consecutive months.

“The 1st respondent has not been resident in any constituency in the Republic of Zimbabwe for a period in excess of 18 consecutive months and his name cannot, by that circumstance, be retained on the voter’s roll,” he said in his submissions.

Meanwhile, Kasukuwere’s court case was postponed to July 7, 2023 to allow all parties to file their papers.