Kasukuwere’s lawyer says prosecution unfair; many people, including Mugabe, have crossed the border illegally and boasted about it

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By Court Reporter

EXPELLED Local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere on Tuesday called for the arrest of former President Robert Mugabe for skipping borders before independence.

Kasukuwere was defending himself in the charges of contravening the Immigration Act he is facing after he fled to Mozambique when his house was allegedly attacked in November last year.

His Helensvale home was shot at on November 14 last year when the army announced that it wanted to deal with “criminals surrounding” Mugabe.

“Your worship lives would have been lost if it was not God who intervened. It is by his grace that out of 113 spent cartridges not even one killed a person. However the state still casts an ignorant eye on the accused’s defence when it is common cause that his life was in danger as you have witnessed at his house,” said his lawyer Jonathan Samukange.

“I will repeat it that this is selective prosecution. There are people who skipped borders and the information is common knowledge but nothing was done to them.

“If cases could be treated the same then go and arrest Mugabe for illegally crossing borders. He is no longer a president and its common cause that he even boasted about it. Many people still do the same. It is therefore my humble submission that we have proved that the accused’s life was under threat and he had no any other option except to flee and skip the borders,” he argued.

On April 4 1975, Mugabe, who had just been released from an 11-year incarceration by the Smith regime, crossed into Mozambique in the company of Edgar Tekere.

Prosecuting Francesca Mukumbiri insisted that robbers could have attacked him.

But Kasukuwere argued that it was not practical to spend over 100 bullets during a robbery.

Mukumbiri said it was possible considering that the robbers could have known that they wanted to rob an opulent minister.

Kasukuwere said the attack at his home caused public disorder as shops were closed the following morning.

“Roadblocks were mounted in each high way. The capital city was shut down showing that everyone’s business was interrupted by the events of November 14 and 15,”he argued.

The ex-minister landed in the dock a week after his return from self-imposed exile in Mozambique.

He has been hiding for six month after his home was attacked by suspected state agents in November last year.

Kasukuwere said if he remained in the country he could be dead now.