Kenyan President Ruto rejects finance bill after several die in anti-tax protests

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Kenyan President William Ruto said on Wednesday that he was rejecting the finance bill and was withdrawing it, a day after violent protests broke out across the country over the passing of the bill by parliament.

The bill, which aimed to raise taxes by $2.7 billion, sparked nationwide protests that turned violent, leading to at least 23 deaths and extensive property damage, including the storming of parliament buildings.

Ruto denounced Tuesday’s nationwide protests which left eight people dead, describing the events as “treasonous.” The president claimed the protests were “hijacked by dangerous people” and called upon security organs to restore calm.

The move could be seen as an attempt to de-escalate tension, as Kenyans plan to demonstrate on Thursday across the country—the same date Ruto was expected to sign the bill.