Kereke insists he is innocent, exonerates accomplice 

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By Staff Reporter

Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe  governor’s advisor Munyaradzi Kereke currently  locked up on allegations of defrauding Harare Municipal Medical Aid Society (HMMAS) of US$137 000 has denied the allegations and exonerated his alleged accomplice Everisto Rukasha.

Kereke is jointly charged with Rukasha, former HMMAS executive.

He said he feels pity for Rukasha being dragged along when he was never part of the alleged fraud.

Kereke also denied the allegations insisting that the investigating officer chose to ignore his evidence alleging that a crime was committed.

“The signatories are the acting CEO, Zach Murerwa and witnessed by the board,” he said while applying for bail before magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa.

Kereke also submitted that  the US$400 000 acknowledged was duty ratctified by the new management.

“I was in camp at church on our annual passover from July 1 to July 17 2022.

“That shows that I could not have extorted the board when they sat.

“The IO is mistaking selling a hospital to selling it to a building. The US$800 000 is the price of one building. I sold certificate licenses, furniture, a business.”

Kereke  also told court that he has “a squeaky clean extant agreement of sale which was signed by the board when they fired Rukasha.

“Rukasha was not the signatory. I feel pity for him… I showed the IO and gave it in writing and they deliberately looked the other way,” he said.

Kereke also said HMMAS preferred to buy the business asset by asset.

He has applied for bail stating that he has a big family to take care of and told court that he has abided by his current bail conditions in a case he was serving 10 years for raping his niece at gunpoint.

Kereke is currently on bail pending appeal.

He also said he has business interests in Zimbabwe as such has no reason to abscond if granted bail.

However the investigating officer Owen Mutembwa opposed bail saying they have more than 12 witnesses to testify.

“Some are previous business partners who participated in the selling of the hospital.

“We saw his ability to visit HMMAS and terrorise employees and board members of HMMAS.

Mtembwa said Kereke would threaten the employees and tell them that he can repossess the hospital if they fail to pay the money.

“He is the one still in possession of the title deeds. He would also intimidate the board chairperson with emails,” he said.

The magistrate is expected to hand down her ruling on the duo’s bail application on November 13.