Khupe defends election of Linda Masarira, Nyikadzino

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LEADERS controversially elected to top positions at MDC-T faction leader Thokozani Khupe’s group have been members and deserved to be chosen, Khupe said Sunday.

Khupe was forced into issuing a press statement to clarify the election of secretary general Nixon Nyikadzino, information and publicity secretary Linda Masarira, and women assembly secretary general Lynnette Mudhewe after reports of grumbling emerged in the aftermath of the extraordinary congress held at the weekend.

Khupe claimed Nyikadzino, Masarira, and Mudehwe have all been members of the MDC-T who “at various times chose to exercise their right to be dormant card carrying members of the party.”

“It is the casting of aspersions over secretary for information and publicity Linda Tsungirirai Masarira’s membership of the MDC-T, to the point of crashing the internet, which our president, the Hon Dr Thokozani Khupe makes her remarks as follows;

“… our members and voters would do well to note that Masarira joined MDC in 2000 and became active in the Bulawayo South district. She has also been previously active in Hwange and Harare before lying dormant from party politics after she grew increasingly dissatisfied with what she viewed as the deviation of our party from its founding values,” said Khupe.

The former deputy Prime Minister said her “party adopted a constitutional amendment to allow a very limited number of special interest groups and individuals to be legible for election or nomination to any position, subject to clearance by the standing committee, and in any case, notwithstanding any outstanding constitutional provisions on membership of the party.”

“Masarira is a credible and unapologetic social and feminist activist who needs no introduction to the Zimbabwean political arena.”

Khupe said the criticism was likely coming from people scared of people of principle but she remains unfazed.

“Hon Dr Thokozani Khupe is not surprised by the avalanche of comments, most of them from people who are afraid of women who chose to congregate against principle, constitutionalism, and the need to do politics that puts the people of Zimbabwe first.

“She is equally unfazed by the usual ganging up of some self-misguiding and cowardly men who become uneasy at the sight of women whose coming together results in gender mainstreaming in decision making,” she said.

Khupe’s party managed to have three women in its top six positions.