Khupe headache as MDC Alliance courtship faces hurdle

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By Staff Reporter

INTERIM MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe’s bid to lure former MDC Alliance principals into her camp faces hurdles after it has emerged the targeted parties were divided on the idea.

Khupe, who won a recent court battle for control of the main opposition, is keen to draft in smaller political parties that once coalesced with the Nelson Chamisa formation under MDC Alliance.

But to achieve the feat, she still has a lot of convincing to perform on the political party principals.

Initial plans to hold meetings failed to take off amid reports some principals felt the meeting could not proceed in the absence of their colleagues.

Notable absentees were Transform Zimbabwe president Jacob Ngarivhume who has however snubbed Khupe’s attempts to put him under her wing.

Ngarivhume distanced himself from any engagements with Khupe.

“I would like to dispel rumours that I am in discussions with Dr Thokozani Khupe branch of MDC,” he said on Twitter Tuesday.

“These reports aren’t true. The events taking place within the MDC are a sore point for the whole nation. My hope is that we the people can rise above petty politics in this very crucial hour.”

However, one of the former MDC Alliance principals in Multiracial Christian Democracy (MCD) president, Mathias Guchutu confirmed they were in talks with Khupe.

He also pointed out that Ngarivhume’s absence has so far been a major drawback.

“I can confirm that they (MDC-T) have invited us to a meeting and there is nothing wrong with that,” Guchutu said.

“My own thinking was Chamisa should have called us and update us on the best way forward, but he hasn’t done so for reasons best known to himself.

“For now, what I can confirm is that there is that move from Khupe that we should revisit the alliance pact and then think of the way forward.

“I cannot really foretell what lies ahead. We are therefore waiting for that meeting to take place so that we can be able to tell as a party if we say yes or no to their proposal.”

Guchutu said he felt honoured some political principal somewhere finally thought of the smaller Alliance partners after Chamisa has seemingly dumped them post-2018 elections.

“So, it’s a plus for the Khupe, (Douglas) Mwonzora group that they can think of the principals,” he said.

Khupe is keen to strengthen her weaker MDC side and has pulled all the stops to weaken the Chamisa faction through recalls on MPs who did not toe the line.

The courts have ruled MDC Alliance did not exist as a political party, leaving the legislators at the mercy of the ex-deputy prime minister and her allies.