Khupe youths call ‘wayward’ MDC-T VP Gutu to order

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

YOUTHS from the Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T are angry with party vice president Obert Gutu for allegedly hobnobbing with the enemy, Zanu PF as well as celebrating the brutalisation of other opposition supporters by  police.

The party’s youth league has not been impressed by Gutu’s recent Twitter post defending police brutality against MDC supporters.

Anti-riot police last month violently dispersed MDC supporters who had gathered at the Morgan Tsvangirai House where party leader, Nelson Chamisa was set to deliver his Hope of The Nation Address.

In an interview with, MDC-T youth spokesperson, Alfred Dzirutwe said the assembly has already recommended disciplinary action against the vice president for his actions.

“The actions of the vice president of MDC-T have left me as the youth assembly spokesperson to approach the Standing Committee to have him disciplined for his wayward behaviour where he has become an overzealous Zanu PF fanatic.

“He has clearly moved from being a democrat if ever he was, to supporting brutal authoritarian regime which has no regard for basic human rights.

“As a youth wing, we feel Mr Gutu has been allowed to continuously bring the name of the party into disrepute,” he said.

Dzirutwe said Gutu, as a senior member of the MDC-T Standing Committee, should have a clear understanding of the party’s mission as an opposition party.

“We are an alternative to the current regime. Our mission is to safeguard the citizens of Zimbabwe from undemocratic practices being practised by Zanu PF using the state.

“We did not join the MDC-T only to be an appendage of Zanu PF through some reckless comments by the presidium.

“An opposition member who is brutalised by the regime be it from Zanu Ndonga, Zapu, MDC Alliance, that person needs our protection.

“We cannot be found siding with brutal sadistic dictatorship. The actions by Mr Gutu leave us wondering if he is actually still an opposition leader with the interests of the masses as a priority.”

The youths warned their boss to abandon his grudge with the Nelson Chamisa led MDC following the 2018 fall-out which led to the party split.

“Our efforts to dismantle the current regime are only through a united front, not praise singing in the name of personal vendettas for whatever ends.

“We call on him to refrain from uttering his unsolicited toxic political jamborees,” added Dzirutwe.

This is not the first time that party youths have clashed with Gutu.

About two months ago, the youths openly defied Gutu after the former Justice Deputy Minister called on party supporters to participate in the government organised countrywide anti-sanctions marches.

MDC-T youths insisted the anti-sanctions crusade was useless and a gimmick by Zanu PF to divert attention from government’s mismanagement of the country.