Khupe youths defy party, vow to ignore govt’s anti-sanctions march

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

YOUTHS from the Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T have vowed to defy their party’s decision to participate in Friday‘s government organised anti-sanctions marches saying the campaign was useless and a gimmick tailored to mask Zanu PF’s glaring failures while in charge of the country’s affairs.

MDC-T vice president Obert Gutu told State media Wednesday the MDC breakaway party will be joining anti-sanctions marches set for different parts of the country Friday.

“Yes, we are unequivocally calling for the unconditional removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe,” Gutu was quoted saying.

He attributed the hardships being faced by locals to targeted sanctions imposed 2001 and 2003 by the US and European Union ostensibly to force a change of behaviour by Zimbabwean authorities who were being accused of poll theft and rights abuses.

Gutu added, “Anyone who thinks that the elite are affected by sanctions does not know what they are talking about.”

However, it would seem, Gutu is not on the same boat with party youths who have vowed they will not be found regurgitating Zanu PF propaganda.

“First and foremost, the sanctions were put in place because of state sponsored brutality and Zanu PF knows what needs to be done in terms of having the so-called sanctions removed which are issues to do with political reforms and human rights,” said Alfred Dzirutwe, the party’s youth national spokesperson.

“As MDC-T youths who are unemployed and face everyday struggles, we cannot be found singing from the same hymn book with those that have mismanaged the economy and continue to plunder the country’s resources for the benefit of cartels in Zanu PF.”

Dzirutwe said all the party’s youth structures will not attend the marches despite the party’s position.

“We will not be used to satisfy Zanu PF’s continued hold on power. We will not attend at all (marches) and that message is loud and clear within our youth structures.

“For us, the issue of sanctions is just but a story and blame game by Zanu PF.”

It is not the first time MDC-T youths have vowed to go against party directives on demonstrations.

In August this year, the youths said they were going to be part of anti-government marches that were organised by the mainstream MDC led by Nelson Chamisa.

The protests were banned by the police.