Killer cop Muvevi hit with another charge, court told of how he killed four victims, motive remains mystery

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By Staff Reporter

MURDER suspect, Jaison Muvevi  who made headlines last week after he shot and killed three people, including a police officer in Wedza has been hit with another murder charge.

Muvevi is accused of killing an apostolic sect leader, Crispen Kanerusine, Wedza police station officer in charge, Maxwell Hove and a bar tender at Murambinda business centre, Munashe Munjani on January 13.

Despite him being formally charged, the motive behind his devastating actions remain unknown.

Muvevi briefly appeared before Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Miti Friday charged with four murder counts and two attempted murder charges.

The former detective was remanded in custody to February 6 after being advised to seek bail at the High Court.

In the first charge, it is alleged Muvevi shot an unnamed man in his head “for no apparent reason” in Harare’s Eastlea suburb on November 19 2021.

Court heard the deceased was in company of one Nyasha Eusen while Muvevi was in company of two unidentified men.

It is alleged that after killing the man, Muvevi and company forced Eusen into their Toyota Allion and drove to Huruyadzo Shopping centre in Chitungwiza.

Eusen later managed to escape.

Court heard that during the scuffle, Muvevi accidentally shot himself on his left elbow.

An x-ray report which was found in his car sold him out.

“He treated himself and an Xray report was recovered in his motor which he dumped in Wedza area and held at station as exhibit,” said prosecutors.

In the second count, it is alleged Muvevi arrived at Crispen Kanerusine’s shrine while in company of one Shupikai Muvevi.

He was dressed in all black against the church’s doctrine and was given a white cloth to cover himself with.

Court heard, Muvevi sat among other congregants while Kanerusine was preaching while kneeling in front of the worshipers.

Muvevi suddenly stood up and went to his vehicle which was parked close to the shrine.

He allegedly took an FN browning pistol and hid it under the white cloth he was covering himself with.

Court heard he went back to the shrine and went straight to Kanerusine before he shot him once in the head ordering all congregants who were already running for their dear lives to leave the place.

The police were informed of the incident and Officer in Charge Wedza police station, Hove mobilised his reaction team before heading out to the shrine to investigate.

While on their way, they met Muvevi who was parked by the roadside along Wedza-Murambinda High Way speaking to an unidentified man.

Hove and team blocked his vehicle intending to confront him but he then started firing at them, hitting Hove three times in his head while he was seated in the vehicle.

The IO’s accomplices ran away scared, dropping their firearms down in the process.

Hove died on the spot.

Constable Tendai Mugova, who is the first complainant in the matter was shot in the stomach and on his pelvis sustained serious injuries.

It is alleged Muvevi then took an FN rifle with a magazine of ten rounds and a CZ pistol which had three rounds.

Court heard, Muvevi made a U-turn and drove towards Murambinda business centre where he parked his car in front of Ruzema bottle store.

He then called the third shooting victim, Munjani who was in company of two identified men and had a brief chat with him.

It is alleged Muvevi suddenly withdrew his pistol and shot him once in the head.

Munjani died on the spot while Muvevi fled from the scene.

On January 14 Muvevi went to Mutare boys high school where he attempted to kill the second complainant who had refused to give him food.

Court heard he fired three shots but missed him. He then skipped the border and was arrested the following day in Mozambique.

Muvevi was found in possession of a CZ pistol serial number BSAP 594 which he had taken from Mugova after he critically shot and injured him, before killing Hove.

The recovered CZ Pistol was positively identified by ZRP Wedza as their property.

An FN rifle serial number 13012 was recovered in his vehicle which was dumped in a bush near Nyazura- Murambinda highway.

The firearm was taken by accused from Hove after he shot him dead.