Killer vagrant reveals gory details of attacks, put on remand; victims’ named

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By Staff Reporter

A homeless man Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu (20) who made headlines recently for killing five other vagrants in a space of six days has been formally placed on remand after making indications on how he committed the horrific crimes.

Ndlovu appeared before Harare magistrate Ellen Chihera who was given graphic details of how Ndlovu killed five street urchins.

He faces another count of attempted murder.

His first victim was Emmanuel Godfrey aged 25 years.

According to court papers, on 28 August 2023 at around 12 midnight, Ndlovu approached the now deceased who was asleep on a pavement near Chinengundu Building at corner George Silundika Avenue and Simon Muzenda Street, Harare.

“He crushed the now deceased’s head using a concrete block killing him instantly and thereafter he slit open the deceased’s stomach, took some body parts yet to be established and went away.

“On 28 August 2023 at around 0800 hours the body of the now deceased was discovered by the informant who reported the matter to the police.

In the next count Ndlovu on August 31 2023 allegedly killed another street-kid  who is yet to be identified.

He used the same modus operandi around 12 midnight.

The now deceased was asleep at corner Innez Terrace and Robert Mugabe Roads, Harare.

He crushed the now deceased’s head using a concrete block thereby killing him instantly and he went away.

The body of the now deceased was discovered by a passer-by who reported the matter.

In the third count he is charged with attempted murder.

It is alleged on September 2 2023 he attacked one Sabelo Masheo Dube aged 33 years and also homeless.

It was around 23:00 hours, complainant was asleep behind Rainbow Towers at corner Samora Machel and Rekayi Tangwena Roads, Harare.

He was suddenly approached by the accused who stood beside him and he identified the accused as a fellow vagrant.

He asked what he wanted but the accused was only smiling without saying anything.

A few minutes later, the complainant was suddenly attacked on the head with a boulder.

“The complainant got up and saw the accused picking the boulder in an effort to smash him again. The complainant managed to escape but he sustained a deep cut on the forehead. The matter was later reported to the police.

In count four he is charged with murder.

His victim is yet to be identified.

The court heard it was on 3 September 2023 at around 0100 hours.

The accused using the same modus operandi as per above counts, approached the now deceased who was asleep at the corner Nelson Mandela Avenue and Seventh Street, Harare.

“The accused who was armed with a big stone smashed the now deceased’s head killing him instantly. The accused tried to cut off the now deceased’s penis and later fled from the scene. The body of the now deceased was seen by a passer-by who made a report to the police,” the court heard.

In count five and six he is charged with murder.

He allegedly killed two homeless people Kutenda Chisanduro and an unidentified male adult who were asleep in a bushy area near Mupedzanhamo.

“He crushed the two’s heads with two concrete blocks thereby killing them instantly. The accused slit open their stomachs and took yet-to-be-established internal organs before leaving the scene. The two bodies were discovered by a passer-by who reported the matter to the police.

On 4 September 2023, detectives from CID Homicide, Harare received information linking Ndlovu to the offences leading to his arrest near Simon Mazorodze flyover, Harare.

Upon arrest, detectives recovered blood-stained clothes which the accused was putting on. The accused later made some formal indications at the crime scenes.