Komichi: Chamisa to rule Zimbabwe, ED out by 2021

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By Staff Reporter

MDC top official Morgen Komichi has declared party leader Nelson Chamisa shall rule the country one day, adding that the main opposition has a strategy to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa to surrender authority by 2021.

“He (Mnangagwa) is not going to last. We are going to remove him from power albeit democratically,” said Komichi, who is party secretary of strategy and implementation in the office of the presidency.

The former Transport Deputy Minister was addressing journalists in Redcliff this past week.

He said MDC had the means to bring elections to 2021 saying Mnangagwa will succumb to pressure.

The senior opposition official gave reference to 2008 when then party leader and now late Morgan Tsvangirai finally met on the negotiating table with fierce rival and now former President Robert Mugabe.

“Remember in 2008, the elections were supposed to be held in 2010 and us the MDC made it possible for the elections to be held in 2008.

“Tsvangirai brought Mugabe to the negotiating table, a situation which culminated in the formation of a Government of National Unity.”

Komichi said the opposition is going to apply pressure which will force Mnangagwa out of power and see the country hold elections in 2021.

“The MDC is going to bring elections to 2021. We are going to put pressure on Mnangagwa. However, democratically, constitutionally and non-violently.

“We are going to force Mnangagwa kicking, screaming and crying to the negotiating table.

“This time around we are going to put pressure on him so that the change is initiated and put in place and reforms are going to be negotiated and this time around no funny tricks,” he said.

Komichi said Chamisa’s leadership of the country is inevitable.

“The election is taking place thereafter a new government led by Chamisa will be put in place. This I can assure you is going to happen,” he said.