Komichi: Khupe acceptable in MDC when she sees Chamisa as leader

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By Staff Reporter

MDC national chair Morgen Komichi has suggested the main wing opposition MDC was prepared to readmit its former Vice President Thokozani Khupe if the latter accepted the current status quo in which Nelson Chamisa was party leader.

“We are open and she is a valuable person within the MDC family,” Komichi told local media weekend.

Khupe broke away from the MDC February this year protesting Chamisa’s decision to grab power following the death of founding party leader Morgan Tsvangirai February 14.

When she led the split, she had twice been targeted for physical attacks by party followers linked to Chamisa.

They were angered by her adamant refusal to accept the much younger politician as successor to Tsvangirai without any open processes aimed at finding a new leader.

Asked if Chamisa’s party had hopes to reunite with its former VP, Komichi said Khupe shall only be reaccepted if she accepted to be “part and parcel of the people”.

“As long as she is willing to be part and parcel of the people, she is welcome. If the party decides that she should come back, that decision is open and she would be welcome.

“Remember we once had Welshman Ncube on the other side of MDC and now we are working together with a view to integrate all our alliance partners so even Khupe is free to come back,” said the former transport deputy minister.

Khupe is now leader of her MDC-T which is still embroiled in a tussle for party assets with Chamisa’s MDC.

The former Deputy Prime Minister has vowed she was never going to reunite with her former colleagues but shall stick with her new allies within the splinter group.

Komichi indicated the MDC was considering reintegrating its breakaway groups through a possible merger that shall also incorporate parties that formed the MDC Alliance ahead of the July 30 harmonised elections.

“At the moment we are mapping a way forward to ensure that we bring back the old MDC and rejuvenate the spirit of a new Zimbabwe,” he said.

“We also have other parties who were not in the Alliance but are willing to join the united force. So I think everything is possible.”