Komichi stones in-laws to death over witchcraft

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By Staff Reporter

MASVINGO: Consulting traditional healers turned fatal for a local family recently after a 44-year-old man stoned his in-laws to death, police have confirmed.

Isau Komichi from Chief Mazungunye in Bikita reportedly stoned his mother in-law Sonika Mapura, 69, to death together with her son Farirepi Muchazvirega, 17, last week.

Provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the incident.

He said on the fateful night, Komichi had a misunderstanding with wife Susan Muchazvirega, accusing her of causing a swelling on his leg through witchcraft.

Komichi had earlier in the day consulted a traditional healer over the swollen leg and was told he had been bewitched by his wife.

He went on to assault his wife with over the body while threatening to kill her.
According to chief Inspector Mazula, Komichi’s six-year-old child rushed to her maternal grandparents homestead to report the parents’ fight.

However, Komichi became angry after his in-laws arrived to help resolve the dispute.

“The suspect became angry upon seeing his mother-in -aw arriving to intervene in the dispute,” Chief Inspector Mazula said.

“He then took a log and some used farm bricks which he used to attack his mother-in-law who collapsed and bled profusely.”

Komichi’s brother-in-law, a 17-year-old, was also hit by farm bricks on the head and collapsed.

The assailant’s 12-year-old son witnessed the violence and reported the matter to neighbours who assisted in making a police report.

Both victims were pronounced dead on arrival at Silveria Mission Hospital.

Komichi is expected to appear in court soon facing murder charges.