Kwekwe author Chaipa wins National Literature award

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By Staff Reporter

Kwekwe-based author Rodgers Chaipa’s novel ‘Super Patriots of Motherland’ won the first prize in the Political Narrative Fiction category at the Phoenix Book Publishing Awards.

The awards were organised by the publishing company honour Zimbabwean writers locally and in the diaspora.

In an interview, Chaipa said he was glad his art had received the recognition.

“I attribute everything to God the Almighty because without him nothing would have materialized, that is what excites me more than anything else. This award is to appreciate me as a writer and as a mirror of our society

“I am glad that my book stood out among the good ones.”

This is Chaipa’s first award.

He added: “It makes me feel respectable as someone who contributes to Kwekwe’s literary space. Also, writers in small towns such as ours must not feel let down in their small areas. You are big, tell your own story and that story is going to make an impact.”

Chaipa sees himself becoming an international writer.

“Zimbabwe has had many writers in the past, however, a few made it to the international stage. This might be attributed to the era they wrote their books when it was difficult to market your product. However, at the present moment, there are many online platforms to market one’s work and as writers, we need to utilize those.”