Kwekwe buckles under residents pressure, reviews tariffs downwards

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By Staff Reporter

KWEKWE City Council which had reviewed its tariffs by an average 400% increase has buckled under pressure from residents to review downwards.

Acting Mayor Pikurai Musipa confirmed the resolution which was made during a full council meeting on Friday.

“Full council resolved that the 400%increase on  billable tariffs, meaning tariffs  that appear on your statement of accounts be reduced to 100% of your October 2022 tariffs  effective 1 January 2023. Council reserved the right to adjust these tariffs in future responding to any economic fundamentals,” he said.

Council also scrapped rebasing which came into effect on 1 November last year.

Effectively, November and December rebased bills were scrapped.

“These are the key resolutions with a direct effect to our bills and we expect management to implement these resolutions with immediate effect,” he said.

Musipa encouraged residents to settle their obligations.

“Council now expects an average bill in a high density suburb  to be around US$24 down from US$48 that had been effected this month. This new tariff  will be billed in RTGS at prevailing auction rate of the week,” he said.