CCC’s Kwekwe legislator fumes over demolition of tuck-shops

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By Staff Reporter

KWEKWE Central legislator Judith Tobaiwa is up in arms with council city management following the latter’s decision to demolish some illegal tuck-shops and gas cages.

In a recent notice, council said all illegal tuck-shops, including gas cages, must be demolished.

“I wish to inform that all illegal tuck-shops and gas cage owners within the City of Kwekwe have to demolish or remove their illegal structures by 29 June 2022. Failure of which illegal structures will be demolished by council without further notice,” reads the notice.

However, Tobaiwa said management at Town House is offside.

“I have noted with concern a circular from Kwekwe City threatening to demolish what they term illegal tuck-shops and gas cages,” she said.

“As a lawmaker and an exemplary citizen, I would like to see sanity in our town, but the move by the management is wrong, considering the situation in our country. The situation would be better resolved by engaging everyone involved and offering alternatives.”

She called on councillors to represent people.

“I implore our councillors to represent the citizens and make sure the council does the correct thing in a correct way,” said the opposition legislator.

“The management cannot continue to act like a mad man with a hammer. The citizens of Kwekwe deserve better and should not continue to suffer because of the incompetence of the regime.”