Kwekwe City spoiling for a fight and we are going to give them one – say residents in protest over tariff hikes

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By Staff Reporter

Kwekwe residents have threatened to demonstrate against Kwekwe City Council if the city’s 2023 budget, which has seen tariffs increased by 400%, is passed.

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, newly elected Kwekwe Residents Ratepayers and Development Association (KRRDA) chairperson Alex Mafumbika said residents have put the local authority on notice.

“We are giving management an ultimatum, if by the January 10, 2023 they do not reverse their budget we are going to have a peaceful demonstration against that budget.

“Residents are not accepting it, the 2022 budget was good. It was good because they (management) got GD6 vehicles out of it. We have realised that council had a surplus of over $900 million we have accountancy as well. Why increase the budget when there is a surplus,” Mafumbika said.

The tough talking residents’ leader added that rumours are that the local authority is set to buy luxurious vehicles for management: “If those rumours are true may Kwekwe City drop that because as residents we are not going to accept.

‘We are not here to play games with anyone, it seems council is spoiling for a fight with the residents and we are going to give them that fight. Residents of Kwekwe have said enough is enough they should reverse that budget.

“I am calling upon all Kwekwe residents to unite. Previously residents were not coming for meetings. But now residents are willing to attend meetings. Council went into budget consultations when they knew they already had a budget. They just wanted residents to rubber stamp what they had agreed as management. We are calling upon councillors from all the 14 wards to speak with one voice. They must reject that budget in totality.”