Kwekwe Companies Procure Water Chemicals After City Runs Dry

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By Midlands Correspondent

KWEKWE-based companies have come to the aid of the cash-strapped city council by procuring water chemicals after the municipality had for months struggled to pump water to households and industry.

Mayor Angeline Kasipo confirmed the new development this past week and said the chemicals would help the council in the provision of regular water supplies in the town.

“We are having a challenge when it comes to water treatment. We have run out of chemicals as a city, but we have to thank local companies whom we approached and they agreed to help us with the procurement of the critical chemicals,” she said.

Kasipo said Zimasco bought 60 tonnes of aluminium sulphate, Portnex – 30 tonnes while Kwekwe Maltings had indicated it would supply the local authority with 30 tonnes.

Residents in the town have resorted to fetching water from unprotected sources as they go for days with no supplies.

The mayor said the water crisis in Kwekwe was being worsened by high electricity charges demanded by power utility, ZESA.

“To service our water works, Zesa is charging us about $2, 9 million a month. The amount is rising monthly. Given such a situation, it is very difficult for us to make projections or sustainable planning,” said Kasipo.

However, Kwekwe residents have queried why the local authority was failing to procure its own chemicals when it had tabled a $471 million budget for 2020 compared to last year’s $26 million.

Defending the 2020 budget, Kasipo said the proposal was informed by, “uncertain economic times in the country.”