Kwekwe mayor booed leaves Uhuru celebrations in a huff

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By Kwekwe Correspondent

ROWDY Zanu PF supporters, forced Kwekwe Mayor, Angeline Kasipo to abandon this year’s Independence celebrations official proceedings in the Midlands town on Thursday.

Kasipo was booed on her arrival at Mbizo Stadium by a peredominantly Zanu PF crowd forcing her to end her speech midway.

“This day (Independence) is a historically important day for us as Zimbabweans. It is a day when we were unshackled from colonialism by the white minority rule,” said Kasipo her voice drowned by insults.

The first female mayor in the gold mining town, Kasipo said she was excited to be part of the celebrations as independence brought with it opportunities for women to occupy leadership positions.

“Independence brought with it opportunities for women, to occupy leadership positions which then appeared alien and foreign,” she said.

Kasipo however slammed the partisan crowd for intolerance.

“When I came here, I was told this was a national event, for every Zimbabwean. This is not a Zanu PF day, but a day for all of us as Zimbabweans,” said ta defiant but visibly shaken Kasipo before leaving the stage.

Frustrated by the booing Kasipo left the venue in a huff, as Kwekwe District Administrator Fortune Mupungu was reading the President’s speech.

Kwekwe is home to President Emmerson Mnangagwa but the city is under the control of the opposition MDC. Out of 14 wards, Zanu PF holds only one.

Kasipo was not the only MDC official to be humiliated by Zanu PF activists, as her Redcliff counterpart Clayton Masiyatsva and other councillors from both towns were abused.

Meanwhile, former Mayor Matanda Madzoke and his then deputy John Mapurazi received a hearty welcome from the crowd.