Kwekwe residents drag council to court over four year failure to service stands

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By Staff Reporter

KWEKWE residents have dragged the city council to court over its failure to service housing stands, further claiming the local authority was making them pay for the non-existent utilities since 2018.

Residents of Mbizo 2 housing scheme have given Kwekwe City Council a 14-day ultimatum to honour promises made in 2018 that their stands would have been serviced within 90 days of occupation.

According to court papers, council has ignored the agreement and residents have demanded that it pays back all the money they paid to it since 2018.

“The plaintiff(s) bought unserviced stands in 2018 (Mbizo Section 2 Housing Scheme),” the court documents read.

“Plaintiff(s) were made to pay for non-existent services like water, sewer, refuse collection or street light since the year of the Lord, 2018, to date, yet these are basic requirements that must be satisfied before regulation permit is granted.

“The defendant (Kwekwe City Council) broke the promise of 90 days without proffering plausible reasons. Despite several demands, the defendant has failed, neglected and/or refused to complete development on the site.”

Lawyers for the residents added that council had “no legal right to do what he did after the plaintiff (s), are paying for non-existent services every month to the defendant.

“We want what the city of Kwekwe promised within 14 working days period on a without prejudice basis.

“Alternatively, the defendant is to pay back the plaintiff(s) costs of unserviced sewer, refuse collection, water, street lighting since 2018 to date.”