Kwekwe Residents Petition Council Over Unserviced Stands

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By Staff Reporter 
Kwekwe Residents who bought housing stands in Section 2 Mbizo have threatened to drag council to court for failing to service thei stands despite having collected huge sums of money for the purpose.
In addition the residents have also threatened to petition parliament on the matter.
In a letter dated August 3 and submitted to council, residents demanded answers to council on non existent services on the stands.
“Since 2018 our members have not seen meaningful development, the land is yet to be serviced and no clear explanation has been given,” the letter read.
Residents further complained that they are each month paying rates for non existent services a matter “which needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency”.
“Government policy says council should create a housing account which account should never be tempered with. Since 2018 we have been paying council, is the account up to date? If yes what is delaying services of stands?”
“There are basic requirements that must be satisfied before regularisation permit is granted, in this issue council acted outside the government policy,” the letter read.
Residents gave council an ultimatum to respond failure of which they are going to drag council to court and also petition parliament.