Kwekwe Says Water Safe To Drink After Residents Complain Of Odour

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By Staff Reporter

KWEKWE City Council has said its water is safe to drink following complaints from residents after it produced an off-putting odour

Director of works John Mhike speaking in a full council meeting this week said the City’s water is safe to drink despite the odour coming from the water.

Mayor Future Titora had inquired on why the water was having a funny smell.

“I would like to enquire on whether our water is safe because it has an odour. Residents are really concerned,” she asked.

Mhike however, in response assured residents that the water is safe to drink.

“Our water is safe to drink. The odour that some may have noted is because of algae bloom in the raw water source which was caused by the recent heat wave. This normally happens around October every year when temperatures are generally high,” Mhike said.

“We are making efforts to bring the odour under control by using activated Carbon and perchlorinating the raw water. We are also disinfecting the treated water using chlorine and HTH before we pump it into the distribution network. We assure everybody in the City that the water is safe for all purposes as indicated by our laboratory tests,” he said.