Land Barons Steal US$32 438 From Homeseekers

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By Paul Katanda

THE chairman, vice chairperson and treasurer of Progressive Housing Co-operative were granted bail of ZW$20 000 each in a case they are alleged to have stolen US$32 438 in residential stands deals.

Stanley Chipanga, Annah Mapurisa and Phillip Manhamo who are employed by Progressive Housing Co-operative as Chairman, Vice Chairperson and treasurer respectively appeared before Harare Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda facing theft charges.

They will appear in court on May 16, 2022.

The court heard that sometime back in 2003, workers of Thomas Meikles Stores voluntarily formed Progressive Housing Co-operative with a membership of over 341 members.

In the same year, Thomas Meikles Stores initiated an employer assisted funding for Progressive Housing Co-operative by advancing money to the cooperative for the purchase of 30 residential stands from Damafalls Properties on the understanding that the employees will pay the company monthly from their salaries.

On August 28, the co-operative managed to purchase 30 residential stands from Damafalls Investments which were meant for Progressive Housing Co-operative members only.

Years later the trio assumed control of the co-operative.

In August 2015, the trio lied about holding a general meeting in which they passed a resolution to sell 30 stands in Damafalls.

Two years later, they got into cession membership with Realsales Pvt Ltd at a cost of US$6 500 per stand.

Chipanga gave Realsales Pvt his personal bank details where the money was supposed to be deposited.

During a period extending from November 2017 to December 2018 a total of US$32 348 for ceding of 14 stands was paid into Chipanga’s account and the trio converted the funds to their own personal use.

Investigations were made which led to the arrest of the trio.