Land developer faces jail over US$10k debt 

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By Staff Reporter

Property developer George Katsimberis is facing jail for failing to settle a US$10,535 debt owed to Pokugara Ecofriendly Company and Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

Summons for civil imprisonment have been issued against the businessman at the High Court, where the plaintiffs are demanding that he should pay them as per judgement obtained against him back in 2020.

Under the judgement, Katsimberis was ordered to pay for wasted costs.

“You, the Defendant (Katsimberis) is hereby called upon to pay to Plaintiffs the sum of US$10 535 being taxed costs and charges of the above mentioned. You are required to pay this sum by virtue of a judgment obtained against you in the High Court on the 30″ November, 2020, under which you were ordered to pay wasted costs,” reads the summons.

According to the summons, if unable to pay, Katsimberis should explain why or risk being caged.

“If you fail the sum specified above, you must appear before the High Court at Harare this October 2022 to explain why you have not paid it and show cause on why a civil imprisonment should not be made on your account of your failure to pay,” he was told.

“You should bring evidence of your financial position. It will be in your own interests to give the Court evidence of your position and it will be your income received from any wages, salary and other earnings and any other income you may receive from other source (you should bring wage slips or other proof of your expenses for as yourself and dependants, bring documentary proof such as accounts for school fees, insurance policies, other liabilities to which you may be subject into your financial position).”

The court will conduct an inquiry into his financial position and depending on the circumstances he might be committed to prison or given time to pay.

He was also advised to approach the plaintiffs to organise a settlement to save himself.