Late Dembare top fan Freddy Mugadza’s brother says happy with quarantine conditions

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By Leopold Munhende

LATE Dynamos and Warriors diehard fan, Freddy “Pasuwa” Mugadza’s brother, Godfrey says he was happy with conditions at ZIPAM in Darwendale where he is currently undergoing compulsory quarantine together with other returning Zimbabweans.

Mugadza is in the country from UK to finalise burial arrangements for Pasuwa who passed on last month in America.

In a telephone interview with, Mugadza said prior to his placement under quarantine, he had negative impressions about Zimbabwean facilities through reading reports via social media.

“We are well taken care of here with proper, double rooms, a toilet and bathroom all to yourself,” Mugadza said.

“The situation is nowhere near what I got on social media before arriving back home.

“Our bed linen is changed by staff more like in a hotel. We were all given free toiletries, meals are always on time and no one can complain about their standard.

“Medical staff is around all the time; we are undergoing daily tests which we are always informed of through a WhatsApp group created for all residents here.

“Those in charge of this place really care about our welfare and that is what has to be commended in these tough times.”

Those in quarantine are being served with bread, toast, eggs, a variety of sausages and beans for breakfast with soft drinks, Mazoe and pancakes as snacks between that time and lunch.

Added Mugadza: “The place is well run, we were even introduced a culture of clapping hands for everyone who works here; from the groundsmen, kitchen, nurses, doctors just like what they do for NHS staff in England.”

Some returning Zimbabweans have been up in arms over the state of some local colleges and boarding schools that are being improvised for quarantine facilities after some have no running water for their comfort.

Authorities last month clashed with a group of returning locals who demanded hotel quarantine when government was booking them into Harare’s Belvedere Teachers College.