Late Midlands governor’s son faces imprisonment over US$62k debt

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By Mary Taruvinga

THE son of late former Midlands Governor, Cephas Msipa, Mandlenkosi has been hauled to court on allegations of failing to settle a US$62 000 debt he owes a local company, Drilling Resource Zimbabwe.

Court papers show that the debt has been outstanding since 2017 and despite demands, Mandlenkosi has failed to pay.

The company says he risks civil imprisonment if he does not pay.

“The first defendant is called upon to pay the plaintiff US$62 646, 64 with interest at the rate of five percent per annum from October 31, 2017 to date of full payment, taxed costs and charges.

“You are required to pay the sum by virtue of a judgement obtained against you in this honourable court on March 5 2018,” reads part of the summons.

The company gave Mandlenkosi up to December 5 to pay or it will petition the court to lock him up.

“You should then bring with you evidence of your financial position,” said the company.

Drilling Resource Zimbabwe added that it will be in Mandlenkosi’s own interest to prove his earnings, expenditure and defendants among other things.

“The court will conduct an enquiry into your financial position and depending on the circumstances, it may commit you to prison or instead give you further time to pay the sum due,” the company said.

This becomes the second time Mandlenkosi has been hauled to court over failure to settle debts.

In June this year, he was dragged to court by a local mining services company, N.R Barber after he failed to settle a US$ 1,4 million debt.

The company said it rendered mining services to Msipa’s company commonly known as Kondo Mine in Hwange back in 2015 but efforts to get the payment were fruitless prompting the former to approach the courts.