Late Moana’s family rubbishes burial donation plea claims

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By Munashe Makuwe

MOTHER of late video vixen, Michelle Amuli, popularly known as Moana, has rubbished reports her family was pleading for public donations to meet the costs of burying the fitness enthusiast.

This follows a Facebook post uploaded by local businesswoman, Nomathemba Ndebele stating that the family needed donations to help give Moana a decent send-off.

The post, which was later deleted, made rounds on social media platforms.

“To all friends of Moana.

“Regrettable on Sunday we all woke up to gruesome images/videos of Moana’s demise. It is under these circumstances that the family has asked me to make a public appeal to you all for help of any form or kind so they can give her a good and decent send off.

“No amount is too little, Thank you,” read the post.

But speaking as her late daughter’s funeral wake at her Highfields home in Harare Thursday, Moana’s mother, Yolanda Kuvaonga said she was ‘very capable of burying her own daughter’.

She dismissed social media reports the family was banking on public donations.

Kuvaonga added that her daughter was ‘popular’ and that alone was evidence that the family is able to foot bills for the funeral.

“We have enough and we are actually giving away extra groceries because this is what Michelle would have wanted as she has a helping hand,” she said.

The family is angered with social comments over the late celebrity.

Recently, a group of Ginimbi’s friends including Ronald Muzambi, Brighton Bako, Brian Nyanyiwa, Chief Albert, Chief Jose and Dino Tumbare contributed groceries and money towards Moana’s funeral wake.

Contrary to social media reports and speculation, Moana mother’s said these were not ‘donations’ per se but gifts given in earnest by the group.

“We did not ask for contributions but rather Ginimbi’s friends just contributed to the funeral proceedings; we are very capable of burying our own.”

The late fitness trainer died on Sunday in a tragic car accident which claimed flamboyant businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure and two foreigners, Limumba Karim and Alichia Adams.

The fatal accident happened hours after Moana’s 26th birthday party held at Ginimbi’s posh Dreams Nightclub.