Late South African hip-hop star’s dad, wife row over funeral date

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JOHANNESBURG – The family of hip-hop star HHP, real name Jabulani Tsambo has responded to an urgent court application by Lerato Sengadi.

Sengadi is asking the courts to halt the star’s burial this weekend.

In a statement, the Tsambo family said their lawyers are dealing with the matter.

They said statements in the founding affidavit are outrageous.

“As law abiding citizen’s we have full confidence in our courts and believe that a reasonable outcome in the interest of justice will be arrived at,” said family representative, Nkululeko Ncana.

“In the immediate, we will not be responding to Ms Sengadi’s outrageous and sensational claims contained in her founding affidavit, which seek to impugn the good image and person of Jabba.

“At the appropriate time, the shameful untruths peddled with the aim soliciting sympathy from an unsuspecting public will be adequately addressed.”

The family says it is in bad taste that rather than mourning HHP, matters of self interest and grandstanding are elevated above all else, especially during this painful period.

“The desire to prevent our family from giving Jabba a dignified send-off is insensitive and atrocious at best, and at worst, the action is tantamount to an act of violence on the memory and legacy of Jabba, who touched millions of lives through his music and personal interactions with his fans,” Ncana said.

“It is a shame that our beloved Jabba is not around to dismiss off hand the lies that have been peddled about him.

“Everyone that ever crossed his path will attest to his loving nature.”

The family further stated that they will not be commenting on utterances that seek to question Tsambo’s good name.