Law Firm Confronts Matanga Over ‘Corrupt’ Kadoma Cops

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

A LOCAL law firm has written to Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga advising the police chief to investigate the conduct of some Kadoma officers who are defying a High Court order in a case the firm is interested in.

In the letter written Saturday, Bherende Law Chambers is complaining against the conduct of Matanga’s subordinates.

This follows the arrest of 15 employees of DS Mining syndicate for alleged trespassing, yet they were working within the premises of the company at Queensdale Farm.

High Court Justice Munangati Manongwa last month barred the Kadoma based ZRP officers and one Spencer Tshuma from interfering with DS Mining syndicate.

DS Mining Syndicate has a prospecting licence which entitles it to prospect for any mineral in Zimbabwe.

“Despite the fact that our client obtained the court order which we attach hereto, your Superintendent Karuru, Detective Assistant Inspector Musende, Inspector Chikawa and detective inspector Makavi have continued to corruptly assist the said Spencer Tshuma to terrorise and prevent our client from exercising their lawful right,” part of the letter to Matanga reads.

“Today, the 17th of April 2021, they facilitated the burning and destruction of our clients’ temporary structures and equipment and arrested 15 of our client’s employees and detained and preferred a malicious charge of trespassing.

“This was made notwithstanding the fact that the police were aware that the accused persons’ employees of DS Mining Syndicate and the prospecting licence is still valid and there is a court order barring the police from interfering with their activities.”

That charge has already been declined by the prosecution.

The letter added, “We find it disturbing that the police officers who should be custodians of the law are the ones who are at the forefront of violating court orders fuelling corruption.

“Our client strongly suspects that these police officers are being given financial incentives by the said Spencer Tshuma.

“It is from the above narrated background that our client humbly requests your office to investigate the said police officers and if possible, analyse the call history between Tshuma and the police officers.”

The DS Mining Syndicate wants the letter to be prioritised as a matter of urgency.