Law Society Committed In Keeping Lawyers Accountable To Citizens

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By Mary Taruvinga

THE Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) says it is committed in keeping checks and balances on government and protect ordinary citizens from errant legal practitioners.

The LSZ president, Wellington Magaya made the commitment while addressing the media at the legal profession regulator’s annual media cocktail.

He also said claims from various quarters that the judiciary was by the state remained under its radar.

“The Law Society remains ultimately accountable to Zimbabwe and its processes must, therefore, be open to scrutiny,” Magaya said.

He went on to urge the media to continue to be a shining light in dark corners by investigating corruption including when complaints are raised from citizens on unethical acts by LSZ members.

“This does not mean that the media should hesitate or be scared to query apparent delays in our processes when they occur. We have nothing to hide. We remain available to answer to any queries that you as the media or any member of the public may have and we do that truthfully and promptly when called upon to respond,” said Magaya.

He added the LSZ would also protect the public from falling prey to rowdy lawyers whose objective was to steal from unapprised clients.

“During my tenure we want to prioritise maintaining the integrity of the legal profession as well as to strive to improve efficiencies at policy and operational levels,” he said.

Magaya was elected president of the LSZ early this year taking over from Bulawayo-based Milidzani Masiye-Moyo. He will serve for two years.

Magaya, however, expressed concern over attacks on legal practitioners by state citing last year’s arrests of scores of lawyers on various criminal charges.

Magaya told journalists the state had rushed to prosecute the lawyers before carrying out thorough investigations.

“The police could have done better in their investigations regarding some of these issues. The profession remains concerned that the state seems to be targeting lawyers on account of the individuals they represent in particular cases. In this case, we feel that they are being unfairly targeted but we continue supporting our members.”