Lawyer flies off handle, says fake CIO spy arrested just to please Mnangagwa

THE lawyer representing a bogus Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) informer, who is being accused of carrying a firearm to events at which President Emmerson Mnangwa officiated last year has accused the state of arresting his client to impress the later.

He was challenging further placement on remand of his client Guthrie Chirodzero who has been languishing in prison since December last year.

John Ndomene told court that it was clear the state had no a case against his client since they have been giving the same excuse for not giving him a trial date.

Last week, the state, led by prosecutor Michael Reza asked for a last chance to furnish the accused with a trial date but when he appeared in court on Wednesday they gave the same excuse.

Reza told court it was cumbersome to get statements from the CIO, from Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) as well as from Vehicle Inspection Department VID.

Chirodzero is accused of impersonation after he misrepresented that he was Zacc executive director.

The state alleges he was also caught with a fake drivers licence and was a carrying a gun when he positioned himself next to Mnangagwa when the president was swearing in new cabinet ministers.

“The issues the state is raising of protocols is a tribal issue your worship. The state can’t take five months to obtain statements while my client in prison. It is clear the state has no evidence and no case against the accused. The police was just overzealous by arresting him, their case is simply poor and they only wanted to impress the President who was just new in office,” fumed the lawyer.
Victoria Mashamba who was presiding over the case postponed the case to Thursday for a ruling.

When Chirodzero appeared in court last week, magistrate Tilda Mazhande promised to remove Chirodzero from remand if the state failed to give him a trial date.

Ndomene persuaded the court to stick to its promise saying the state’s house was still not in order.

According to the state, Chirodzero attended the swearing in of new cabinet ministers by Mnangagwa and positioned himself close to the President while pretending to be a CIO informer.

On December 6, armed with the same fake cards and a pistol, Chirodzero went to Josiah Magamba Tongogara army barracks where the Zanu PF leader was officiating at the renaming of the former KGVI facility.

It is alleged that Chirodzero again positioned himself close to the President but was spotted by an army intelligence officer who became suspicious and confronted him.

He was asked for his purpose at the venue and Chirodzero went on to produce a fake CIO ID.

The military officer took the ID to other CIO officers for verification and it was established that the suspected hit man was an imposter.

Chirodzero had vanished from the scene upon sensing that he was in danger.

He was later apprehended and searched.